Ghostbusters and Sexism

Ok…I’ve been reading a LOT on the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot where a great number of film critics have the audacity to refer to anyone who dislikes it as being sexist or a misogynist.

What I haven’t seen is anyone calling this movie out on its own horseshit and using the all female cast as an excuse to make vagina jokes at its own expense in the guise of comedy. Which is way, WAY more sexist. And on top of that, hacky as hell and NOT FUNNY.

:28 “That stuff went everywhere, in EVERY crack, very hard to wash out…” Get it? She means her vagina. She got slime in her vagina. That’s the joke.

:53 *in walks Hemsworth being all sexy “Hello, I’m here about the receptionist job” “Hi! You’re hired!” Get it? He’s hot. Reverse sexism. That’s the joke.

1:18 *she licks the gun Get it? Phallic reference. That’s the joke.

1:25 *she jumps into the crowd and nobody catches her “Okay, I don’t know if it was a race thing or a lady thing, but I’m mad as hell.” Get it? Cause this one’s a twofer! It’s addressing the fact she’s of African American descent AND a woman! WHOA!!! Comedy!

1:44 *upon seeing the Ghostbusters logo with boobs on it “Is it the boobs you don’t like? Cause I can make them bigger.” Get it? It has boobs! THEY have boobs! Hilarity!

Look, there is nothing I loved more as a kid than Ghostbusters, but I’m a grown ass man, nostalgia means nothing to me anymore. I don’t care if you want to make an all new Ghostbusters film, go nuts. But the fact of the matter is, this film is using the all female cast merely as an excuse to make stupid quips which do nothing besides draw attention to the fact you’re watching an all female cast as if it was some sort of circus act. These aren’t jokes and this sort of writing does nothing to strengthen its credibility. In fact, it has the exact opposite effect. If this film had any confidence in what it was doing, the trailer wouldn’t feel the need to draw attention to the fact the cast is female and instead would just focus on whatever the hell the plot is supposed to be. There are numerous films with strong female leads that don’t feel the need to draw attention to the fact you’re watching a film with a woman in the lead role. If something is well written, it shouldn’t constantly need to reference gender. It’s that simple.

Absurd self referential sexism aside, the production of this Ghostbusters movie has been an absolute mess. From Bill Murray not wanting anything to do with it, Ivan Reitman backing down from directing, Harold Ramis dying…then on top of that, completely retooling the entire thing to be an all female cast film and Sony bringing in cameos of some of the original cast to try and draw in the nostalgia factor, it’s not looking good.

Are there people who won’t go see Ghostbusters because the cast is all female? As stupid as that sounds, I’m sure there will be, but this seriously just looks like an unfunny dumpster heap of a film. If you really want to cry misogyny though, you might want to rally around a movie that doesn’t have its cast cracking wise about their vaginas like hack comedians from Evening at the Improv.

Choose a better battle.

-Sock Talk Jon-