Sock Talk – A Circuitous Surmise

Episode Runtime: 01:29:29

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Sock Talk!

Jim McDonough, of Friday Night Films fame, and Phil Healy, one of the producers and directors of the award-winning documentary  “My Name Is Jonah”, get back to it as they chat about why people follow and create conspiracy theories, the magic of octopi, and why you shouldn’t try to explain your way out of embarrassing situations. Plus, mucho more!

Check out this latest episode and try to remember that they’re both highly functioning alcoholics with genitalia resembling that of a Cambrian-era millipede. Listen and learn to laugh and love again!

Music intro and outro: Provided by Timothy Fife

Where Phil would like you to go : I Hunger Productions , A/S/L
Where Jim would like you to go: MMD Friday Night Films