Sock Talk Is Sick’N’Wrong with Stephen Stull


Episode Runtime: 54:59

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Sock Talk! Wait, three episodes in a month?!?!?! The end times are nigh…

Jim McDonough, of Friday Night Films fame, and Phil Healy, one of the producers and directors of the award-winning documentary  “My Name Is Jonah”, are back and they’re promoting people from their filmmaking posse!

In this latest episode, Jim and Phil talk about the Sick ‘N’ Wrong Film Festival with the festival runner Stephen Stull. They talk all about Orlando (Where the fest is held), Walt Disney assassinating JFK, film school, and the whole film festival scene. Also, not only is Stephen a fellow filmmaker, but he’s a licensed travel agent. Book with him today (He insists you don’t book with him)!

Listen up and remember that this social experiment is being performed by low-paid scientists who love abusing your deepest sensibilities. Enjoy!

Music intro and outro: Provided by Futuristic Wrist Watch

Where Phil would like you to go : I Hunger Productions , A/S/L
Where Jim would like you to go: MMD Friday Night Films

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