Sock Talk Goes To TerrifiCon! He. Just. Can’t. Stop…


Episode Runtime: 00:20:41

Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Sock Talk! In this micro episode, Sock Talk Phil, one of the producers and directors of the documentary  “My Name Is Jonah”, interviews Mitch Hallock, the organizer of one of Connecticut’s biggest comic conventions, TerrifiCon.

Phil has been doing this interview for the last 3-4 years because he genuinely loves TerrifiCon and wants the world to experience it. In an ocean of filth, Terrificon surfaces from the abyss squeaky clean. Check out their site and make your way there the second weekend in August. You might see Sock Talk Phil and his convention companion Steve walking the con floor. Please do not address them or look them in the eyes.

Phil also name drops Sock Talk Jim so he can officially say he is technically “in the episode”. You can check out all of Jim’s great stuff at Friday Night Films 

Music intro and outro: Provided by Futuristic Wrist Watch

Where Phil would like you to go : I Hunger Productions
Where Jim would like you to go: MMD Friday Night Films


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