Film Review: Results

“I wanna learn how to take a punch…”

I typically find romantic comedies to be the bane of cinema. They’re usually just the same recycled garbage, never touching on genuine relationship issues and relying on the same old tropes and gags. Results is refreshingly different.

This movie spoke to me on so many different levels, as a certified personal trainer with 20+ years of experience in physical fitness myself, it was genuinely great to see a comedy of all things so perfectly personify the borderline insanity that any serious athlete is afflicted with. Fitness affects EVERYTHING in your life, you train someone else because you’re trying to teach them that philosophy and adopt it into their own life. Results captures this struggle flawlessly. It even manages to get the various types of trainers and clients that you encounter on a day to day basis so accurately. It really is such an odd/difficult lifestyle philosophy to explain and I was really pleased to see how well it was portrayed.

Oh yeah, this movie is also hilarious. Each character is so uniquely flawed and that plays out so well when the actors have such amazing dialogue to interact with one another to. It’s not your standard inane romantic comedy chatter. The romance itself is all quite down played and isn’t even the center of the story, it’s just sort of something that happens as you go on this marvelously eccentric journey.

Brilliantly witty dialogue, a great cast/performances and the wonderful accuracy of portraying the life of a goal oriented athlete, make Results an absolute must watch and this is definitely one of my top films of 2015.

-Sock Talk Jon-

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