Film Review: Jurassic World

“Probably not a good idea…”

Every now and then, a film comes along that is so self loathing and self important all at once, that it almost becomes parody in it’s attempt at being sincere in delivering it’s own material…well, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jurassic World.

Jurassic World is a film so overwhelmingly offensive in it’s stupidity, that it’s idea of female empowerment is a glistening, Bryce Dallas Howard out running a T-Rex in high heels. I’m not joking. That happens. This film is so bizarre in just how seriously it expects you to take it, yet everything that happens on screen whether it’s a characters dialogue, or motive, is Transformers level stupid. I watched this sad, confused film, with it’s mixed moral messages of family, ethics and the value of human life itself, absolutely puzzled. It had been so long since I’d seen such a terrible movie take itself so seriously.

And yet, by the end of it..there was thunderous applause. The sold out IMAX audience I saw this with, absolutely LOVED it. And to be honest, that is absolutely appropriate in the case of Jurassic World. This film is such a masterwork of product placement advertising, trends and meta quips, that your average movie goer didn’t stand a chance against it’s hypnotic charms. And it knows this. Much like the way the park itself is cynically represented in the film, it’s all about catering to the lowest common denominator attendee. A film so insulting that it flat out tells you the audience that all you care about is spectacle, that the dinosaurs themselves aren’t enough for you, you need louder, meaner and faster. And it’s absolutely right. I saw 300+ people eat it up. The people sitting next to me said it was “The greatest movie they’d ever seen” and were already making plans to see it again.

As someone who has worked in advertising for over a decade now, I couldn’t help but watch Jurassic World as I’m pretty sure it was intended by the studio execs…as a bitter fuck you to the people who it openly mocks directly, that spend “$7 on a soda” and only care about spectacle. A film so devoid of motivation to do anything but let you know that Mercedes has a new SUV you should buy; that a woman can strive to be a calculating, emotionless executive who doesn’t remember how old her own nephews are, yet still look good and save the day in high heels at the end.

Because that’s empowerment. This is the world we live in. Jurassic World is for you.


-Sock Talk Jon-

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