Game Review: Shadow of Mordor

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Shadow of Mordor is a game that completely went under my radar up until two days before it’s release. I had never heard of it, then all of a sudden rave reviews for it started popping up on my most trusted of video game sites. Having conquered Destiny and looking for a new challenge for my Xbox One, I decided to dive into Middle Earth. Now I can’t help but wonder if any of those rave reviews were written by anyone who has even played a video game in the past 5 years…

If you’re one of the 10 people who still hasn’t played one of the dozen or so Assassins Creed, or the four Batman: Arkham games that have come out the past few years, I can see how you might enjoy Shadow of Mordor. It’s got slick combat, stealth, leveling up, and a sort of open world to explore. What’s not to love?! Well, if you ARE sick of the merciless shoveling down your throat of Assassins Creed and Batman games (which while great, have ruined themselves with over saturation), then you will find very little to enjoy here. This game doesn’t have a single original idea whatsoever, aside from it’s Orc captain system, which is still essentially the interrogation system from Batman. While the world is moderately open, enemies respawn within minutes of your killing them, which in turn means you can kill them again and again for the same amount of XP. This makes leveling up incredibly easy and your incentive to become stronger, meaningless. I also found the difficulty (which you cant change) to be incredibly easy, I didn’t die once while slicing through foe after mindless foe.

Besides being a wholly unoriginal Creed/Batman ripoff, it also doesn’t look particularly good for a next gen game, visuals are rather bland, textures are muddy and this just looks like a game that was meant for last gen, but ported over to capitalize on those of us looking for some next gen content. On the plus side, voice acting is top notch and the plot is surprisingly dark and intriguing, but this is a video game and does not make up for gameplay so generic and repetitive that after 3 or so hours, I no longer cared about what I was doing. Simply put, it isn’t fun.

Throw this one back into the pits of Mount Doom.

PROS: Tight gameplay, Intriguing story

CONS: Bland visuals, Repetitive, Easy, Assassins Creed/Batman ripoff


-Sock Talk Jon-

4 thoughts on “Game Review: Shadow of Mordor

  1. Wow, this was a very poorly written review. You mention the “orc captain” system (by the way, if you’re going to comment on something, call it by its correct name: Nemesis system), and say its the Batman interrogation system, which doesn’t even scratch the surface. The fact that you can possess an Uruk and make him be a double-agent for you was noticeably absent in your review, and in Batman, even though it’s the standout feature.

    1. Oh, I’m sorry…the “Nemesis” system, where you interrogate an orc, he tells you the location of the higher up and then you go subdue him is not at all similar to Batman at all. Even the minor addition of having the orcs act as double agents as a sort doesn’t make up for the fact this is the same game you’ve played numerous times except in a LOTR skin…Shadow of Mordor stinks on ice.

      1. Again, you did not go in to depth of this system. The interrogation system in Batman is scripted, whereas the Nemesis system is not. Allow me to break it down for you.

        You can have the nemesis be your spy in the ranks to feed you intel, but he can also assassinate some of the captains, as well as sent back to send horror stories of you back to the other men. He can also order a nemesis to start a mission to gain more Power. This also can be used to draw out Warchiefs. They can also be sent back to give death threats to the other Orcs where they will become stronger, but will drop more powerful runes once defeated. You can also interfere in certain Nemesis missions (such as a hunt or a feast) where you can stop the nemesis from gaining more power, or you can let him complete them so they WILL gain more power, then kill them to obtain a higher rune.

        So, no, it is not the same as Batman. Did this game take ideas from Assassin’s Creed or Batman? Of course it did. But who cares? Games adopt ideas all the time. Everybody took the cover-based system from Gears of War. Dishonored took a lot of stealth mechanics from Thief. I don’t mind if you didn’t like the game. I do mind poorly written reviews that sway people from getting a game for reasons that don’t make any sense

  2. I mention very clearly that if you havent played an Assassins Creed or Batman game then you might very well find this game enjoyable. HOWEVER if you have, then this is such a blatant ripoff, with nothing new to offer other than being in the LOTR universe and hardly worth the time.

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