Game Review: Brutal Legend

Hey there Sock Talkers, right now I’d like to usher a rallying cry so high pitched it will make the gods scream. This rallying cry goes out to you dear listeners, I want to regale you with Brutal Legend, the game so epic, so beautifully crafted, so honest and true and similar to metal itself, that it went under everybody’s radar.

Let’s get this out of the way first, I LOVE metal. I was baptized in the fire of metal in my early teen years and it changed my life forever. Metal is more than music, it’s everything; it’s religion, it’s history, it’s sheer power and force of will. It is an absolute force of nature. Not everyone that hears metals siren song will be entranced by it, and that’s a damn shame. Because if you follow it, it will lead you to the halls of Valhalla itself.

Meticulously and lovingly directed by Tim Schafer, Brutal Legend is the ultimate homage to the power and glory of everything that is metal. Boiling seas and volcanoes filled with molten steel adorn the landscape, hellbeasts with flesh made of metal roam freely and attack at will. You wield a guitar that can melt enemies faces off with its chords and a flaming axe if that doesn’t get the job done. Buried monuments to fallen gods can be summoned by your guitar, doing so unlocks new abilities, health bonuses or sometimes new tracks to listen to on your fire spewing hot rod. Yeah. Your fully upgradeable car also comes equipped with a stereo filled with over 107 different songs from 75 different bands. Real bands. Bands like Emperor, Savatage, Racer X, Black Sabbath, Manowar, Saxon, Testament…it literally goes on and on. There is nothing greater than just cruising around, listening to metal while you scope this nightmarish/beautiful landscape. This is a world I’ve wanted to live in since I was 14 and thank the gods, now I can.

Released back in 2009 and voiced by talents like Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy, Rob Halfard and Tim Curry, Brutal Legend should have been a tremendous hit. But, while it was met with critical praise, it just didn’t sell like it was hoped to. But now is your chance. Redeem yourself, become baptized in heavy metal, revive the ancient gods, save the girl and the very world itself. Goddammit…BUY BRUTAL LEGEND. And don’t buy that used shit either, buy it new, support the artists that made this masterpiece and give them every red cent they deserve.

Brutal Legend is the ultimate homage to the greatest form of music the world has ever known. It is beautiful to look at, controls perfectly and is filled with so many great things to unlock, that you will want to search every inch of the sprawling open world map to find them. Much like metal itself, Brutal Legend has a special place in my heart that I can’t fully articulate properly, but I cannot recommend highly enough.

-Sock Talk Jon-

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