Film Review: Transcendence

So, I just saw Transcendence appropriately enough, with real life pal (and Sock Talk regular) Ryan Terrell and it blew my mind to the point I’m writing a long winded review of it.

Transcendence right now has a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes and is generally being torn apart by critics. The irony of it is, these people are doing exactly what anyone in the history of humanity does when they don’t understand something, they destroy it. This is one of the many underlying themes of this film, which makes its failure even more tragically humorous…

This movie never once mentions religion, but it is so rooted in religious historical philosophy that I am just now understanding the point of its Easter weekend release date. It’s a nice touch.

Also present in this film, is the debate of technology and whether its a hindrance or help to all of us, a topic intended to spark that internal dialogue in your brain, but not to make up your mind FOR you. Everything in this film is an amorphous series of deeper meanings…this film WANTS you to think. It’s begging you to.


How would a consciousness of higher intelligence be received by us once its shown us a “miracle”? What is its grand design? Are we merely a series of electrical impulses inside of a giant sack of meat that systematically and unknowingly is designed to consume and destroy all around it? Or is there in fact a soul inside of us that cannot be replicated? So many questions…none of them answered, and yet a great story is still told amidst it all.

Transcendence is a film that should make you think until your brain hurts. It should make you question the reality of everything history has ever taught us and if religion is indeed just technology indistinguishably perceived by fools as magic and made as law in which empires have been made…so many questions…


-Sock Talk Jon-

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