Film Review: The Counselor

I’ve seen it all. It’s shit.”

You know what isn’t shit? The Counselor.

I cannot for the life of me fathom why this film is being reviewed so harshly…is it because it’s too dark in tone a film? Is it because there is no happy Hollywood ending? Is it because “Malkina” (Cameron Diaz) has sex with the windshield of a Ferrari? Yes. You read that correctly. She does a split, straddles the windshield of a car and proceeds to rub her vagina on it until she climaxes. All of this is done to the absolutely hilarious horror of Javier Bardem’s character “Reiner”, who describes the experience to “The Counselor” (played by Michael Fassbender) as her vagina looking like the mouth of a catfish.

This is a film that really goes all out in telling what is essentially a horrific moral lesson on the repercussions of greed. Greed is bad. Greed has consequences. And you better be prepared for those consequences, one way or another. Because they are unequivocally inescapable. Scripted by the brilliant Cormac McCarthy, (The Road,  No Country For Old Men) The Counselor is as bleak and hopeless a film as they come. You KNOW things aren’t going to turn out well for our main characters, but it isn’t about the outcome for these characters, it’s about how they handle it and watching it all go down.

As brilliantly directed as this film is by Ridley Scott, who is at the top of his game here creating tension with every well placed shot; the real credit goes to the cast. This is an all star cast absolutely killing it; ESPECIALLY Cameron Diaz. This is a film that is relatively light on plot, so the performances are what really sell it here and I never in a million years would have thought she could steal the show with a lineup like this involved. But she does and glaringly. Brad Pitt is also worth noting here, he does his usual Brad Pitt thing (which never really seems to get old) and he continues to prove that he has some of the best acting chops in the business nowadays.

If you like your movies with a resolution that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, The Counselor is not for you…but if you like your films tonally grim, tense and bereft of any hope whatsoever, all while being directed and acted flawlessly, then I cannot recommend this film enough.

-Sock Talk Jon-

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