Sock Talk Podcast Episode 32: Boston Comic Con: Can We Get a Picture?


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Episode Runtime: 1:26:05
Episode Summary:

Sock Talk attended the Boston Comic Con this year and had a great time! Kicking things off this episode is Sock Talk Phil and Josh Jenkins, who discuss the finer points of Superman Returns, much to the delight of the absent Sock Talk Jon, who loves and defends that film religiously. We also shared a booth with Allison and Griffin Hartter, wife and son of the late, great, Sean Hartter where we proceeded to sell artwork and greet fans. A couple tables down from us was the amazing cartoonist and friend of the show, Patt Kelley who was promoting his new book “What Am I Going to Do Without You?” which Sock Talk Jon happily purchased.


The highlight of the Con however, was Sock Talk Phil leaving a My Name Is Jonah promotional card on the table of The Hobbit panel which someone wrote “Cock” on. In turn, this has now been viewed thousands of times on Tumblr and Youtube, thanks anonymous troublemaker!

Also, this little gem that was left for us…


Music intro and outro: Provided by Nervous

Phil Healy Website: I Hunger Productions
Jon Caron Website: Asylum Studios Photography + Design

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