E3: Rise of the Machines


So, it’s upon us. Another console war.  Once again, Microsoft and Sony (not Nintendo, as clearly the Wii U is garbage) are going toe to toe for our hard earned dollars and Sock Talk hosts Phil and Jon are asking the important questions and getting to the issue!

Phil:  Point: Xbox 1 is fancy great!
Jon:  I dunno…I just don’t care…If Nintendo has taught me anything the past 15 years, it’s not to get excited about new systems until time has proven otherwise. Are you drinking the kool-aid?
Phil:  Point: Why bother listening to the past? Come join the future. Get absorbed into the cloud…
Jon:  Ohhhh yeah…that’s the other thing (with the new consoles)…not OWNING what you’re paying for.
Phil:  Owning? Pffft, listen, physical media is dead
Jon:  Pay for intangible things! Do it! Now! Apparently with Xbox One, if I wanted to bring a game over to play at your house, we could do that. ONCE. Then it wont work on your system again. That’s nonsense. I can’t understand why anyone would embrace something like this.
Phil:  If you label a friend as a family member that might be a way around that do you think that’s their answer to that?
Jon:  I think its just an even bigger step in the invasion of privacy…much like the always online, monitoring everything, mandatory Kinect device…that’s some creepy shit
Phil:  Sure, and who knows about data-mining, but, like it was mentioned in an article we posted on our page, that would be hellish for Xbox to try to get involved in. I was having a discussion with my wife this weekend about privacy and how it’s gone in a couple respects. Your image is out there. We all have to get used to it. It’s a manner of how we want to deal with it. No more secrets
Jon:  SURE.  But I think it’s more a matter of what you CHOOSE  to put out there though.
Phil:  No. More. Secrets
Jon:  I’m gay. About the idea of Xbox One!
Phil:  That’s neither a secret or alarming. So, you’re happy?
Jon:  Indeed. But no. I have such mixed feelings about this stupid console war…Maybe after 27 years of gaming, it’s time to hang up the controllers.
Phil:  Really? Well, the actual graphics and game play look astounding and it’s to be another great leap in  the gaming world.
Jon:  Maybe…
Phil:  There are still older systems. That’s the thing that seems to get lost.
Jon:  I don’t like them telling me how I’ll be enjoying these new systems.
Phil:  You don’t have to move onto this next platform
Jon:  Oh absolutely. I’m still an advocate of the golden age of gaming.
Phil:  Online gaming, like flash games, are even more prevalent than ever too
Jon:  Online gaming is ridiculous…and full of micro transactions that people willingly pay like idiots…But the same can be said for console gaming…paying actual money to dress up your avatar…so dumb.
Phil:  But online gaming with stuff like free Mario (NES style) with Simon Belmont or other character mods is what I’m referring to
Jon:  Ahhhh…I guess…a keyboard or a touchscreen is no substitute for a controller though. But admittedly some of those games are fun, but are also so uncontrollable its maddening.
Phil:  You can get a USB pluggable/huggable controller I think, but I agree with you on principal, or principle, and my former principal.

So there you have it. I don’t think we need to state the obvious choice here. You know what you have to do, now get out there and give (COMPANY X) all your money!!! DO IT NOW!!!

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