Sock Talk Podcast: Episode 16 “Read A Comic In Public”

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Episode Runtime: 2:23:54
Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Sock Talk! This week Phil Healy and Jon Caron, the producers of the documentary  “My Name Is Jonah” welcome special phone in guest Brian Heater of “Read Comics In Public” fame, the great community website where you can post photos of yourself, well…reading comics in public! Also, Jon reviews “The Expendables 2” while Phil feigns interest. We also delve into the pro’s and cons of child slave labor, sloppy shitting, the amazing and almost decade old video game “Metroid Prime”, we also somehow manage to review the new Bobcat Goldthwait film “God Bless America” while Phil deep-throats a banana. Get ready to dive headfirst into erotica.

Bonus Features: Your jagoff hosts looking befuddled. Now that Jon’s three weeks into his new diet/training routine the very smell of a delectable cupcake WILL make him explode in his pants.

Music intro and outro: Provided by the radical Ross Lafond

Phil Healy Website: I Hunger Productions
Jon Caron Website: Asylum Studios Photography + Design

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