Total Recallin: A Review

Sock Talk co-host Jon Caron’s extensive review on the new Total Recall remake…

For those of you who haven’t seen the original Total Recall from 1990, it starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and was a genuinely excellent action, sci-fi film with some pretty great concepts of personal identity and Arnold pulling things out of his nose.

The NEW Total Recall stars Colin Farrell, who has bad dreams and doesn’t like to wear a shirt for the first 20 minutes or so of this movie. It also stars Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel, both of whom unfortunately keep their shirts on during the film.

It also has Bryan Cranston in it as Cohaagen, a guy who wants to create a robot army to take over whats left of the post war world I guess. Bill Nighy plays a guy with an American accent who doesn’t do much except supposedly be important, but when he finally shows up just gets shot and dies. Explosions happen. Low gravity “Inception” style falling happens…then some more explosions happen. Then some more. All of this is done via “quick cut” action scenes, that give you the illusion of action, while jarring a camera around quickly because director Len Wiseman doesn’t want you to know he can’t direct an intelligible action scene. More explosions happen. Also, some more falling. Kate Beckinsale is hot/tough and chases Colin Farrell. Jessica Biel is also hot/tough but protects Colin Farrell, who finally finds a shirt.More explosions happen.

Credits roll.

All in all, Total Recall is a film that was made, that has people in it, who say things during the films duration. While explosions happen.

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