Sock Talk Podcast: Episode 12 “The Skill Set of Skrillex”

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Episode Runtime: 1:57:14
Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Sock Talk! This week Jon Caron and Phil Healy, the producers of the documentary  “My Name Is Jonah” broadcast live via ustream with 16-bit minstrels “The World Is Square“, who offer musical interludes throughout! We also have actor and potato freak coupon toting Mike Shine on board to discuss the magic of Skillrex and wax nostalgic about the “Dream Machine” arcade from the old  Methuen mall. Strap on your magitek armor and prepare to cast haste on your day as Sock Talk invades your soul!

Bonus Features: Extreme Jesus for the win! The World Is Square LOVES Paul Reiser! (But who doesn’t really?) Also, let us know if you want some coupons for Potato Freak, we’ll give you a discount on a boot to the nuts.

Music into: Provided by the magitek armor wearing lords of leveling up, The World Is Square.
Music Outro: Provided by the masterful Sean Hartter

Phil Healy Website: I Hunger Productions
Jon Caron Website: Asylum Studios Photography + Design

2 thoughts on “Sock Talk Podcast: Episode 12 “The Skill Set of Skrillex”

  1. I can confirm the head-banging culture in the 01844. Definately maiden tshirts and jean jackets galore! Way to work dungeon bat in there. Also, Jon, I found some 12sideded fuzzy dice online you may want to invest in!

    1. B², I will confirm your representation of the metal scene in the 03848 while I was rockin’ it in the 01844. Also, your promise of potential fuzzy dice intrigues/arouses me.

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