Sock Talk Podcast: Episode 8 “The Heir to the Pizza Throne”

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Episode Runtime: 2:23:41
Episode Summary:

Welcome back to Sock Talk! This week Jon Caron and Phil Healy, the producers of the documentary  “My Name Is Jonah”, find themselves not doing much a cussin’, but plenty a fussin’ in this episode. Recording in a comic book shop ( Comically Speaking) there were kids everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! Our good pal, the Pizza Prince himself, JB Sapienza of JB INKS stopped by and we discussed garlic bread, marinara moats and anthropomorphic pepperoni horses. We also discuss the profound importance “Disorderlies” had on cinema, the possibility of Thanos in the upcoming Avengers movie and all sorts of assorted nerdery and shenanigans. You’re in for a real treat here, folks. It’s the kind you can’t get in just any unmarked van.

Bonus Features: Jon cops a feel on the Hulk and JB blows farts…also, Bukkake. Nothing but the best for our audience!

Music into and outro: Provided by the masterful Sean Hartter.

Phil Healy Website: I Hunger Productions
Jon Caron Website: Asylum Studios Photography + Design

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