Sock Talk Podcast: Episode 7 “The Legend of BDJ”

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Episode Runtime: 2:30:47
Episode Summary:

Next on Sock Talk, Jon Caron and Phil Healy, producers of the documentary  “My Name Is Jonah”, visit Jeff and Kolleen (Carney) O’Brien and have a round table discussion about the literary richness of Stephanie Myers, The Hunger Games, and A Boys Life magazine. They don’t stop there. Delving into all sorts of wacky topics and situations, the gang comes together to define what a ‘blumpkin’ truly is and why no one believes Phil has ever had one despite his vehement claim that he has. Plus, Jeff explains why Dio Sabbath ranks higher than Ozzy Sabbath. Let’s not forget Jon, being very creative during the whole show, throws in questions from the fans that we answer right there on the spot! It’s maddening (We’re talking 2004 Michael Vick cover)! No subject is taboo (Not even the porno ‘Taboo 2’) and no issue is too revelatory. Sock Talk will peer into your soul and harvest the good and deranged in order to provide mindless chatter to the masses! Listen and learn!

Bonus Features: Enjoy this photo of an advertisement for 90’s comedy romp, Encino Man.

Music into and outro: Provided by Dungeonbat

Phil Healy Website: I Hunger Productions
Jon Caron Website: Asylum Studios Photography + Design

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