Sock Talk Podcast: Episode 4 “Why Don’t You Cry About It”

Click here to listen to: Sock Talk Episode 4
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Episode Runtime: 2:08:29
Episode Summary:

Here’s the fourth, most bitter, and guest less podcast from producers Phil Healy and Jon Caron of the wacky documentary, “My Name Is Jonah”.

Marvel as this whimsical train wreck collides head on into a brick wall of Seinfeld hatred, tips on how to avoid vampiric-douchebag-freeloading clients, movie reviews, and getting in touch with your feelings/genitals. Also, will Phil get Jon to shed his front of impenetrable masculinity and make him cry? The answer is no, but listen anyway. It’s pretty awesome.

Music intro and outro: Provided by Ross Lafond from his album ‘243 Days’.

Phil Healy Website: I Hunger Productions
Jon Caron Website: Asylum Studios Photography + Design

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